How to use BARELY in English and what does it mean?

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So this question today from one of the learners is what does the word BARELY mean and how to use it.

So let's have a look, BARELY is an adverb of quantity I guess and BARELY means sufficient but the minimal sufficient. I thought the minimal enough

For example 'my appointment was at 7 00 pm I arrived at 1 minute to 7 I barely made it, I did it I made it in time but with the minimum amount'

Okay so BARELY, another one could be about food. For example,  'I think I’m going to need to buy some more milk there's barely enough for my breakfast, there's enough but the minimal amount, once I've used it it will be finished'

About money, 'I’m sorry I can't give you any money because I barely have enough for myself. I have enough for myself but it is the minimal amount'

okay so BARELY we use to show that they're sufficient it's there's a sufficient amount but it's the minimum amount it really stresses that it's the minimum amount

'I barely made the train it was pulling out the station but I got on to it. I was able to use the train I got on the train just with the minimum amount of time to spare'

A good idiom there would be 'the skin of my teeth'

I barely made it by the skin of my teeth that's an idiom we would use for barely

So I barely passed my exam the pass rate was 60 I barely passed it I got 61 so I did enough but the minimum amount and this is when we use barely

So there we go barely I hope that's answered your question if you have any more questions about vocabulary or anything to do English leave them in the comments below and as always I will check them for you and if you want to check out an example using BARELY please do it below and as always I will check for you

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