How to use GONNA, WANNA, GOTTA when you speak English?

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so I've got a great question for you when do we use I’m gonna I got to and I wanna very common this kind of question and it's a little thing that native speakers do to help us speak a little bit more smoothly and a little bit more fluently

and these are called informal contractions where we make the words shorter we make the amount of syllables shorter]


so let's have a look at each one

I wanna just means I want to

I wanna just means I want to 'I wanna' 'I wanna go to sleep' 'I want to go to sleep' 'I want to buy some new clothes' 'I want to buy some new clothes' so 'I wanna' just means 'I want to' that's for I wanna


I gotta means 'I have to' so for example I have to eat otherwise 'I am starving I gotta eat otherwise I’m starving'

I gotta means 'I have to' 

okay 'I can't come tonight I gotta study' so I cannot come tonight I have to study or I have got to study

so that's the second one 'I gotta' just means 'I have to' but like 'I must'


and the last one is 'I’m gonna' means 'I am going to'

'I’m gonna' means 'I am going to'

'I’m gonna go home' I’m going to go home

'I’m going to have lasagna for dinner' I’m going to have lasagna for dinner

so that's it that's the difference between I have to I gotta and I’m gonna

now just remember with these these are spoken only okay and they're very informal if you're in a formal situation like an interview for example do not use them

okay try and speak better try and use the full term I want to I've got to or I’m going to if you're in a formal situation but other than that it's great to practice

I want to do this I got to go home I’m going to go home that's the difference between them

so I hope that's answered your questions for you if you've got any more questions then leave them in the comments below and as always I will check them for you

so my name's Ken bye for now

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