Interview In English Coaching
For Non-Native Professionals

Interview In English Coaching For Non-Native Professionals

How To Tell Your Story In English

learn the art of telling interesting and engaging stories for an interview, exam or conversation

preparing you to be a confident communicator in English

create better opportunities for the career and life you want

They'll love the way you speak English

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We Meet English Learners Every Day Who:

Feel they are losing out on jobs and promotion because of poor English
Worry that others will laugh at their pronunciation
Think the other person doesn't understand them
Worry they will have a blank-brain and forget what they want to say
Avoid speaking English because they lack confidence
Get embarrassed when they speak the 'wrong' English

Is That The Same As You?

With These Training Sessions You Will:

Get access to live sessions with Ajarn Ken
Take classes from your home at a time convenient to you.
Get instant feedback from your coach
Know the formula to tell an impressive story for an interview
Give a confident, professional presentation in English
Tell your story of your experience in an engaging way that you'll remember
Love the confident way you speak English


After 20 years living and working in foreign countries I totally understand how it feels to communicate in a second or third language. I have visited more than 50 countries and learned to speak 4 languages - but only conversationally!

This is why I've been able to help hundreds of my students to successfully prepare for job interviews with international companies.

I've seen students who have all the vocabulary but their brain goes blank under pressure.

Many students have excellent grammar but haven't been able to practice.

Lots of students focus so much on wanting 100% correct grammar that they lose confidence when they speak the wrong English.

So many students worry so much they are not being understood so they avoid speaking because they are embarrassed.

You don't even need to be preparing for an interview, these training sessions and workshops will give the tools to have confident English.
Ajarn Ken English Coach Interview In English  Workshops



Select the topic and the day and register your place at the event.


Get an overview of the topic with tips to help and guide you.


Take the next stage and join the interactive workshops.


Ajarn Ken Live Coaching and Mentoring

At Ajarn Ken, we know you are the kind of people who want to be confident communicators in English. In order to be that way, you need to have a plan for what to say and how to say it.

The problem is not having a safe place to practice which makes you feel embarrassed and lose confidence when you forget what to say.

We believe that just having the confidence to speak in English is a major achievement for some.

We understand how difficult it is to speak English smoothly and with enough confidence and find the right coach to help you.

That's why I have successfully coached, mentored and helped more than 300 students to prepare for Interviews in English with International companies.

Being confident comes from knowing what you are doing and what better way to practice English than to talk about yourself and your experiences. After all, you know these better than anyone!

Here's how it works,
  1. register for the presentation that you want,
  2. watch from the comfort of your own home to get and overview
  3. sign up for the full interactive group workshop to get full access, feedback and practice.
So choose your class and Register now so you can stop your lack of confidence holding you back and start going to interview with confidence to get the career and job you want and deserve.



  • 1 hour live webinar
  • giving overview of topics:
  • interview questions
  • grammar subjects
  • vocabulary booster
  • question & answer session
  • slides included
  • video replay included
  • training book included
  • FREE for VIP Members
  • max 100 attendees
  • min 15 attendees



  • 1 hour general English
  • interactive conversation class
  • feedback from coach
  • DISCOUNTED for VIP Members
  • Max 8 attendees
  • Min 6 attendees

Your Questions Answered

How Does It Work?
Very simply, you choose the training class you want to attend, register with the registration fee and watch the training. 

If you decide you want to take part in the follow up interactive workshops, simply register for that and the registration fee is deducted from the workshop enrollment fee.
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