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Whether you're going for a CABIN CREW career, a customer service position, an IELTS speaking test or just to practice, these 10 interview question courses will help you speak CONFIDENT ENGLISH and tell a story in English of your experience that will IMPRESS.
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Storytelling in English is a skill that is CRUCIAL to create the best impression at a job interview, speaking test or to give you confidence speaking English.


All Of These Courses Are Yours When You Buy The VIP Bundle
IELTS Speaking test topics Dictations Ajarn Ken Courses

Dictations help you to improve your listening skills and writing skills. Listen to Ajarn Ken with these short paragraphs and write exactly what you hear. The topics are taken from IELTS speaking test!

Job and exam interview questions in English with Ajarn Ken Courses

Very popular and relevant questions that will help you prepare for most interviews in English. Ajarn Ken will show you how to understand the questions and use your experience to give perfect responses.

ASk Ajarn Ken Get English Tips

The very popular feature from Ajarn Ken's Instagram Get English Tips where the community can ask English teacher and 'expert' any question to improve their English skills, whatever the level!

Learn English speaking course Ajarn Ken

If you don't have anyone to practice speaking English with, these lessons can really help you get confident with your English by having regular practice and also learning and improving your English at the same time.

Test your English skills with Ajarn Ken

Test your knowledge of English with lots of English tests that will challenge your grammar, listening, spelling and understanding of English. Take your time and see how well you can do!

Learn English Webinars with Ajarn Ken

The CONFIDENT ENGLISH SOCIETY invites you to join and meet, practice and improve with other English learners all around the world. Live meet-ups, live video chat, daily challenges and much more await you. You'll love it!

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How much do the Storytelling in English courses cost?
The Storytelling in English VIP Bundle is a one time payment £69 and gives you access for lifetime!

The Storytelling in English Basic bundles are a one time payment of £49. There are two and you can choose which ones you want.

A Storytelling in English single course is a one time payment of £29.

Check out the additional benefits and what you get with each purchase!
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