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Lessons: 13

Time: 1hr 17m

Level: Intermediate

Here's What You'll Learn

✅ Revealed: Why being NOT being prepared will NEVER get you that dream job – and what you need to do instead!

✅ The real secret to confident English - almost everyone gets this wrong! This often overlooked idea will certainly get you speaking smooth and fluently.

✅ You’ll discover my 4-step secret to think and speak fluent English process – this is the truly lazy way to having perfect presentations in English!

After This Course, You'll Be Able To Know

  • The important skills to think about when dealing with complaints
  • How to prepare and structure your answers
  • How to begin and get the interviewer interested in your story
  • How to show you understand the question
  • How to effectively show what you did and why
  • How to show what you learned from this situation
  • Important vocabulary when answering this question
  • Real examples that you can learn from

✅ Course Assignment Marked by Ajarn Ken and Personalised Feedback Given to Help Your Improve

✅ Boost Your Confidence in English Workshop with Ajarn Ken


Course Lessons

Course Introductions


Welcome to Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 03:31 - What to expect from this course

An Overview of Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 08:07 - How to prepare for this question

Preparing Your Presentation


Structure Your Answer to Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 06:45 - How to effectively put your answer together

Beginning Your Answer To Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 08:35 - How to introduce your answer

Show You Understand The Question Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 05:34 - How to show the task of your answer

Talking About What You Did During Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 09:29 - How to describe how you handled the complaint

The Result of Dealing With Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 05:45 - How to describe the result of successfully dealing with the complaint

A Summary of Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 04:09 - A quick recap of what you've learned

Example Presentations


Example Answer 1: Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 02:26 - A read through of Example Answer 1

Example Answer 1 Vocabulary and Expressions: Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 08:28 - Explaining the structure and vocabulary of Example Answer 1

Example Answer 2: Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 02:33 - A read through of Example Answer 2

Example Answer 2 Vocabulary and Expressions: Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 08:46 - Explaining the structure and vocabulary of Example Answer 2

Prepare To Practice


Your Assignment: Your Biggest Complaint

Duration: 03:08

Boost Your Confidence in English Workshop with Ajarn Ken

Duration: 2 x 1 Hour - Put into REAL Practice What You've Learned

Your Questions Answered

What Do I Learn and How?
You will learn how to effectively answer the interview question 'Your Biggest Complaint' for a job interview or even an exam interview. You will learn an overview of the question, what the interviewer is looking for and how to structure your answer. There is also a couple of example answers for you as a guide and vocabulary and expressions to use.
What Level Of English Do I Need?
Is There Coursework?
How Do I Know This Will Work?
Who Is The Teacher?
I've Tried Other Courses, What Makes This Better or Different?
How Long Will It Take To Do The Course?
Do I Get A Certificate?
Why Is It Worth The Investment?

Your Teacher: Ajarn Ken

Ajarn Ken has helped thousands of students improve their English skills and prepare them for job interviews with airlines around the world.

From local airlines in Asia such as Air Asia and Thai Lion Air to international 5-star airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines.

This structure, vocabulary and method can help you, just as you need it to prepare, impress and pass any interview.

Ken has massive experience and will show you how to have confidence when presenting, how to have good structure with your interview question so that you have the confidence to deliver effectively and make a great impression.

You'll also learn from real examples, using real vocabulary and expressions that will push you to the front of the interview list and increase your chances of getting your dream job or passing your English interview.

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